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Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

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  • September 7, 2020

Your home’s electrical outlets have been used for years to power electronics and appliances, but when was the last time they were upgraded? You upgrade your hand-held electronics, televisions and household appliances frequently, but the outlets that you plug these items into never change.

While these outlets may continue to function fine from the outside, it is unlikely that they are able to provide you with optimal power abilities and options. There are many benefits to upgrading your home’s outlets, including better performance of the plugged-in items and energy savings. Keep reading to learn why you should consider upgrading your electrical outlets.

You Can Have Secure Outlets

Have you plugged an appliance into an outlet and noticed that the plug was dangling or hanging down some? If your plug is not secure, energy may be being wasted and part of the plug is being exposed. There are various dangers associated with a loose plug, including sparks and a possible fire hazard. Any loose outlets need to be replaced so that they are safe and secure.

So, how do loose outlets occur? Generally, they occur as a result of wear and tear over time. Aged outlets will not perform nearly as well. When you have new outlets installed, consider the ones with locks on them. These locks will keep the plug from being pulled out of the wall.

You Can Have Outlets with USB Ports

For decades, standard two- and three-prong plugs have been utilized in homes, but technology has grown since then, placing USB adapters into outlets. So, these newer outlets now not only have the traditional plugs, but they also have several USB ports as well. This comes in handy or most people since they rely on USB cables to power their electronics, such as cell phones. This is particularly useful in home offices.

You Can Move the Location of Your Outlets

One primary benefit of updating your outlets is that you have the opportunity to move the location of your outlets or add to the number of outlets that are currently in your home. An electrical contractor will ensure that your home is currently up to code while accommodating your wants and needs. For instance, you may find that you are constantly having to switch plugs for your coffee maker, toaster, and blender. If you add more outlets to the kitchen, you may be able to organize the space better.

You Can Repair Damage from Over the Years

With new outlets, you can also repair damage that has occurred over time. For instance, an outlet plate that has been cracked can leave your outlets vulnerable to the buildup of dust and debris. This buildup is a potential fire hazard when it is exposed to electrical shocks. By replacing the outlet, this fire hazard is removed.

Another type of outlet damage could have taken place through general repairs and upgrades to the home. When the walls of a room were painted, some of the paint could have seeped into the outlet. This paint can negatively impact the way the outlet performs. By replacing the outlets, you can ensure that they perform more efficiently and avoid future electrical issues.

If you are looking to upgrade your electrical outlets or any other electrical components in your home, contact A&B Electrical Contractors for more information.